Natural Value Initiative

14th June 2012 The Natural Value Initiative supports the Natural Capital Declaration

The Natural Value Initiative is supporting the Natural Capital Declaration (NCD), which is set to be launched this Saturday (16th June) at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in Brazil.

Natural capital comprises the Earth’s natural assets and ecosystem services, which make human life possible. The NCD is a statement by the CEOs of financial institutions (lenders, investors and insurers) committing to work towards integrating natural capital considerations into their financial products and services.

This is critical because financial institutions have considerable indirect ecological footprints through their customers and also directly through their purchasing decisions, since virtually every economic activity can have an impact on natural capital.

As the engine of global economic growth, the financial sector can also provide some of the tools required to support a transition to sustainable development and eradicating poverty by providing loans, equity, insurance and other financial products and services.

The NCD signatories state that they have a key role to play in the reforms needed to create a financial system that reports on and ultimately accounts for the use, maintenance, and restoration of natural capital in the global economy.

The CEOs of 38 banks, investment funds, and insurance companies have now signed the Declaration and, like the Natural Value Initiative, a growing number of other organisations are also expressing their support.

In addition to the launch on 16th June, the NCD will also feature in two other events, which will bring together key players from a range of initiatives that are working towards embedding natural capital considerations throughout business, finance and government.

16 June - Launch of the Natural Capital Declaration: Perspectives from senior executives (at the Corporate Sustainability Forum, Windsor Barra Hotel)

18 June - Natural Capital Declaration: Roadmap to Account for Nature (at the Rio Pavilion)

20 June: Accounting for Nature High-level Dialogue – organised by the UK Government (lead), the World Bank and the Natural Capital Declaration (at RioCentro)

The Natural Capital Declaration is convened by UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative, the Global Canopy Programme and the Sustainability Study Center of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) in Brazil.

[14 Jun 2012]